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Boozhoo Families and Staff,

We want to help our families with any resources we possibly can. We want to keep our mental health in mind as well. So, that being said it is natural for our children to worry about their families, themselves and whom they love and care for. Talking to our children about what is happening in a open and honest manner will decrease anxiety and fear. Please make sure it is coming from a factual resource such as the CDC. Educate children about germs and how they can spread. Families who talk with their children about this are safer children and the link below will help with more information. Miigwech 

Please see the link, “Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019”

NCCS School Board Election for 2020!

School Board Elections coming soon!  There are two open positions this year. Please contact Terri Anderson at the school (218-935-5025) before Thursday April 9th, 2020 if you are interested in filing for one of the two seats.  Eligible votersby law are parent/guardians of NCCS students, NCCS staff, and current school board members.  Newly elected board members are required by law to complete three components of board training, not be immediate family members (directly related) to NCCS staff, and must pass a background check.  

Naytahwaush Community Charter School is located near the banks of the North Twin Lake in Naytahwaush, Minnesota.  We serve approximately 120 students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.  Naytahwaush Community Charter School is located on the White Earth Reservation in Northwestern Minnesota.

Our Mission

The Naytahwaush Community Charter School will provide a child-centered  environment where learning is relevant and respects the traditions and  wisdom of community, family and self.

Our Vision

The Naytahwaush Community Charter School will be a place where children  are respected as individuals, as community members and as ancestors of a  rich cultural heritage.  The Naytahwaush Community Charter School will  appreciate the wide resources available by using them to enhance  curriculum through experiential and service learning activities.  The  Naytahwaush Community Charter School will promote the whole child  through challenging academics, community involvement, and fostering  healthy life choices.


First-Rate Curriculum


Cultural Programming

Informational Downloads

Emergency Board Meeting School Closure Guidlines (pdf)


District Assessment Plan 19-20 (pdf)


ProceduresManual_2019-20_Final (pdf)


Parent Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing ext (pdf)


2019-20 School Calendar Sheet1 (pdf)


Master Schedule 2019 (png)


Family & Student Handbook (pdf)




District Test Security 19-20 (pdf)


About our Authorizer

About our Authorizer

Volunteers of America Minnesota (VOAM) is our authorizing agent.  Their oversight helps strengthen all areas of accountability for our board and staff.  We entered into our first contract with VOAM in 2005.  Our second contract was renewed in 2008 and our third in 2011.  In 2013 we received our fourth contract for four years, to be renewed in 2017.  We received annual evaluation from VOA that includes school board meeting observations.  In addition to our annual report submission, we submit all other compliance items as requested by VOA.

Our designated liaison is Stephanie Olsen whose contact information is:

Stephanie Olsen, Manager

Charter School Authorizing Program

Volunteers of America of Minnesota

924 19th Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Cell: 612-270-1998